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Seasonal Decorating

Seasonal Decorating | HELP STYLING

Seasonal Decorating can mean an exciting time for you and your family if you get the right help styling that is.

Christmas is meant to be the happiest time of the year RIGHT, well for some people it meant picking out that perfect gift for your perfect partner or even for all the special people in your life, that’s if you are not hosting christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner that is…

Then you have a whole other to-do list to prepare for before the dooming deadline.

Everyone wants their home to feel festive and co-ordinated and for your guests to enter with ‘love what you have doen with the place’ and ‘I love your tree, stunning’

Don’t stress we can help you achive that and much more….

We can help you style as little or as much as you like, you can hire as little or as much as you need.

Maybe you have the a beautiful tree you have invested alot of money in but would like to change up the theme of your decorations. 

Here’s were we can help, why not hire a selection of our themed tree decorations creating a whole new feel to your home this christmas.

We come in and style your home in a chosen theme, leaving you more time to sort what you are going to serve your family on the day.

Below are a few decorating woes clients have shared for why they would hired help to style their home this coming season. 

STYLING CONFIDENCE  – They have a style in mind, although they are not confident in selecting the decor required to achieve the result.

TIME POOR – They have very busy lives, from demanding jobs to busy mums they just don’t have time to spend on decorating but want their family & friends to enjoy their decorated space during the holiday season.

UNFULFILLED – They wonder around spending endless hours trying to decide what additional decorations they want to add to their already purchased items but still they arent happy with the end result.

Interior Decorating Service

Below are a list of a few ideas of zones you may want to decorating this season.

  • Christmas Tree Decorating
  • Front Entry / Sideboard
  • Kitchen Table / Main eating area
  • Main Entertaining Area
  • Christmas Day Dessert Bar
  • Living Area/s
  • Pool House
  • ETC

We only offer limited decorating allocation to our client’s to ensure we can provide the best styling possible along with limited themes this helps to keep your home looking fresh and creative every holiday season.

Each space we found is different depending on how little or how much you want to achieve the desired results. 

Our Seaonal Decorating Services do come with a minimum hire cost, including devliery, setup styling and retrieval. 

All prices are quoted prior to any work being completed so no nasty surprises. 

If all this sounds good to you your next step is to book in a free discovery call to discuss further how I can help and where to from here. 

You can check out our portfolio of previous seasonal decorating spaces we’ve worked on last year, with more themes coming soon.