Seasonal Decorating

Want to decorate your home or business in style this Christmas? Maybe you don’t have the time or energy! or you want to sit back relax and let a professional create the perfect setting for you. 

Want to know more details about how we can create a festive setting in your home or business?  Select from our current service offerings below.

Festive Styling

You have the tree and want to invest this season creating a cohesive professional look for your home or business decor this season. Maybe even a style to match your homes decor asthetics.

From $399.00

Festive Design & Style

Perfect for the person looking to create a professionally designs and decorated space to enjoy this Christmas season, investing in a completly new seasonal setting, creating that WOW factor to share with your family and friends.

From $799.00

enjoy this christmas surrounded by family & friends in style


Want to see some of our Seasonally Decorated spaces and how magical your space can be?