Creating the perfect Christmas Tree

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When it comes to decorating in our home for Christmas, it has always been pretty much left to me. That’s probably what I get for having an only child and a boy at that.

When he was little, he was interested in helping put it all together but as he got older, it was more about what was going to be under it on Christmas morning then what colour or theme we were going to create that year

So I virtually have free rein to whatever style, theme, and colour I can think up – as long as I’m happy. As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life!

This gave me the idea of sharing 7 key steps for you to create your own perfect Christmas Tree:

#1 – Layout any items

I always place a sheet or blanket on the floor and spread out the endless supply of ornaments and bits & pieces I’m thinking of using

This helps you see what you have and if you need anything else. Maybe that you donated or misplaced some. Perhaps you retrieved them from storage and found them to be broken

*Hint* – I tend to add to my collection at the end of each year when the end of season sales are on! Yes I know, I’m always thinking a year ahead – it’s how the decorator’s brain works

#1 - Layout items
#2 – Assemble the Tree

This is pretty self-explanatory. Most people have assembled a tree or two in their time. Fluffing each branch is a must though, I have seen a few unfluffed trees in my time, it makes such a difference so make sure you spend the time, remember generally its been stuffed in a box or container for the rest of year.

Deciding where it is going to be placed is also very important. I tend to change it up, depending on how I feel.


Hey there !

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#2 - Assemble Tree
#3 – Check and add additional lights

If you have a Pre-Lit tree like I do (one of the perks of being a decorator), the next step is to check that all the fairy lights are working. It’s so much easier to get around the tree and replace any bulbs before all the other decorations are applied. If you’re like me and like to add more fairy lights, you can do this at this point too. Because who doesn’t love an overload display of fairy lights, especially at Christmas!

#3 - Check Lights

*Hint* – When you replace your tree next, look into purchasing a pre-lit tree. They are a little more expensive but well worth the investment when you don’t have to spend time unraveling the lights from last year’s emergency dismantle because it’s the second week of January and you’re the only one with your tree still up.


#4 – Tree Topper

I know you’re thinking that the tree topper goes on last. Because that’s how it’s done in all the Christmas movies

Well, I’m sorry to tell you that’s just for the feels, It’s much easier to start from the top and work your way down when it comes to decorating your tree.

I spend a bit of time on my topper, you need to get creative, gone are the days of a single star atop the tree. A few things I think about are Stems or Picks, Large ribbon bows, flowers even themed ornaments.

#4 - tree topper
#5 – Picks & Ribbons

Now its time to add your picks and ribbon. The picks help fill any holes and give the tree that voluptuous expensive feeling, you know the one you get when you used to look at the Christmas displays in the shop windows of David Jones and Myer in the city when you were little.

I like to twine ribbon around my tree and scatter some little bows at the tips of perfectly selected branches to add balance, I feel like it gives it that unique and themed feel, this is where I bring in the themed colour generally as long as the shade matched perfectly with my other ornaments. I have been known to be on a mission finding a certain shade that has to be perfect.

#5 - Ribbons & Picks
#6 – Special Ornaments

Now’s the time to place any special or themed ornaments you have selected! These should have pride of place on your tree for everyone to admire when they are in your home during the holiday season.

#6 - Special ornaments
#7 – Tree Skirt & Gift Boxes

Last but certainly not least, push your tree back a little into it’s final location and then place your tree skirt around the base. I like to use one that coordinates in with the main theme or accent colour.

I try to have a few gifts pre-purchased and start the wrapping as early as possible. I love to have some gifts around the base to complete the setting.

*Hint* If you used ribbon to decorate your tree, purchase some extra and use it to give a special touch some gift boxes – it looks fantastic!


#7 gift boxes
#8 – Admiration

Congratulations! You have now created and decorated the perfect Christmas tree. Stand back and admire your handy work – I know I do!


#8 Christmas Tree

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If it all seems like too much and you need help decorating your home or business this Christmas, please contact me to discuss this year’s Seasonal Decorating services on offer – I love bringing the Christmas spirit to your space!

Together, let’s create style and beauty this Christmas!


Melanie x