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Property Styling is essential when it comes to selling your home.

When you sell anything in your life let alone one of your biggest assets, you get it ready to sell, clean it and shine it up so you can showcase all the best qualities of what you have to offer, right.

Selling your house is no different. If anything, it’s even more important since it’s usually your biggest asset.

Most people don’t sell their homes very often so they can be overwhelmed by where to start and what to do first. 

This is where I can help with as little or as much help as you need. Whether it be a recommendation report along with some styling advice on what I see needs attention from what I know any potential buyers will notice (avoiding any future haggling) to helping you personally style along with guiding you throughout the pre sale preparation period. 

I know selling your home is a very personal experience since you probably have loads of memories of your time together with family but it is also a financial journey. Believe me I want to help you showcase your homes wow factor to attract the best perspective buyers for your financial gain.

An analogy I use with clients to understand the benefit of Preparing their Property for sale 

“would you sell your car without detailing it,


because you want to get the best price for it, then why wouldn’t you invest a small amount preparing your home to sell to ensure you get the best return possible when it’s sold.”

Property Styling | Wilton


When your home is finally on the market you have only one chance to attract the best buyers to your property within the first few weeks so property styling is essential. 

If you haven’t prepared your home to appeal to those buyers, you could be missing out on the best offers you would have received on your home. You also need to remember photos tell a thousand words, if you have great photos of your home you will attract the perfect buyers and are more likely to achieve your desired outcome. 

Living in your home everyday is different to highlighting its full potential come sale day. This is what you need to think about when selling your home, potential buyers arent looking to live in your home the same way as you do, they are searching for a home & lifestyle they want and emotionally connects with them.

Don’t you want to achieve the best result possible for your property in the minimum amount of time?

Then getting your property sale ready and presented to appeal to your target market is a MUST!

During our first ‘Free’ pre sale meeting we will discuss key areas which require attention in any home, hurdles you may be having.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Below are just a few reasons why you will benefit from working with me

YOUR PROPERTIES POTENTIAL – with my decorating background I can see through the homes existing decor and I am able to provide you with understanding to why items may need to be relocated or moved.

EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT  – when you live in your home you have an emotional connection to most of the items gathered over the years. You see it through rose coloured glasses, I can help you break through the emotional connection which is needed for your home to sell, since your buyer doesn’t want to buy your belongings they want to buy a new home for their family.  

HELP MANAGING THE PROCESS – like I mentioned before most people don’t sell homes very often, so it can become overwhelming to say the least, what to do first. I help guide you through the process depending on the service you select, outlining timelines for target completion dates as we go and ensure to keep you on track for success. 

I’m here to support you as much as I can during your life changing experience.

Property Styling | Wollondilly
property styling services

All property styling services commence with a ‘Free’ Pre Sale Discovery Call, followed by an Initial Consultation where we discuss details about how to get your home sale ready, key areas every home seller needs to focus on and how I can help you achieve the best outcome for your future. 

Presentation Advice  

Perfect for someone who is hands on but needs a little help when it comes to presentation and styling. 
You are provided with recommendations and helpful information to get your property sale ready. 

Advice ideas could include

  • Furniture Placement
  • De-cluttering
  • Small Furniture Purchasing
  • Accessory Recommendations
  • Paint Colour Refresh

Assistance & Execution  

Perfect for someone who could use help preparing their property for sale.
Helping you action what is required for presentation and assist with reaching the ultimate outcome for your property.

We work together completing tasks such as

  • Coordinating minor repairs & Paint refresh
  • Front Kerb Presentation
  • De-cluttering
  • Styling Placement

So what are you waiting for give me a call to book in your ‘Free’ Pre Sale Discovery Call.

Let’s get you on the road to a successful sale today.