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‘Six Ideas to Freshen up your home this Spring’


Since Spring is the season known to represent new life, what better focus on this months blog post but to suggest six ideas to freshen up your home.

I can’t help but see all the flowers flourishing and the scenes of new life surrounding us everywhere, it certainly gives me happy vibes and hope for the future and also a great time to freshen up your home.

Giving your home that little extra clean and or swapping out a few little pieces along the way will be sure to get your happiness vibes kicking into action and you will be loving your home yet again.

Here we sharing Six ideas for you to freshen up your home this Spring!





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#1 – Spring Clean

This requires your time and some elbow grease, not only will you love how fresh and sparkly your space becomes but releases the feel good endorphins along with way not to mention your body will love you for it. I love spending my free time nesting and working on my home. – I know you’d think because this is my profession I would run for the hills, but that’s why I know this is my passion and certainly not a job (in my eyes)

A few things I do during this time is set aside some time to go through my closet and sort any warn out clothes, shoes, next I rummage through my interior decor styling supply cupboard to see what I want to use to freshen up my space, order any new candles, next port of action is my cleaning supplies, I combine any unused cleaning products and get rid of any supplies I may have purchased but never really loved. Let’s be honest you may not even realise it but they are just bogging you down, you will feel much better once you clear space for all the new possibilities that will come into your life. 

#2 – Candles and Scents

Using Candles to assist in creating emotions in your space is nothing new and as most of our readers already know I love using candles in my home, I love the smell of peonies wafting through my rooms, I use different scents during each season as well. I find it sets the scene for my surroundings and really emphasises the seasons we are moving through. I clear out or store away any old candles and purchase new ones for this season. My go to candle supplier is Wick’d Candles, Alex provides top quality Australian made scented candles and she never disappoints. Alex has recently launched her new custom scents, the glassware is sleek and will look stunning in all home styles, I’m super excited to get my hands on them not only for my home but for gifts for my girlfriends as well.

#3 – Faux or Floral Finishes

I love to use top quality faux flowers in my home decor, for several reasons one is because we have large areas to decorate in my home and it would cost me a fortune to keep replacing my spaces with fresh flowers, and the second is I’m not much of a gardener, not that I don’t love to spend time outdoors but over the years I’ve come to know I certainly was not blessed with a green thumb which is why it’s best to stick with faux flowers wherever possible. I enjoy receiving fresh flowers, (I’m yet to meet a single person yet who doesn’t) and enjoy displaying them in my kitchen mainly whenever blessed with floral gifts. When it comes to faux varieties I suggest investing in quality supplies, luckily these days we are fortunate to have many top suppliers available.  I find these coupled with scented candles always does the trick.

#4 – Furniture Placement

Our fourth idea on ways to fresh up your home this spring is by changing up your furniture, this can help create a new feel in the room, and the good thing is it doesn’t cost a dime. Some homes have certain areas that get a little too warm during the summer months but are gorgeous areas to hang out during the cooler seasons, or vice versa think about switching up your pieces to create a new fresh feel to your space.  I love the warmer weather hence why I often hear my hubby saying I’m like a lizard love catching the warm rays when I get the chance, ‘sun safe of course’ so I find myself chasing the warmer spots in our home as much as I can.

#5 – Cushions

Another impactful yet inexpensive way to freshen up your home is with cushions, I find it to be one of the least expensive but most dramatic changes you can make when it comes to freshening up your home. Making a gorgeous update to your space if done just right.  My biggest go-to is changing up my cushions when I start to feel my space needs a little refresh. A pro tip is to invest in some feather filled inserts this will create a voluptuous luxe look and keep the cushion looking fuller for longer even when used for everyday couches because you can give it a fluff up when the features compact down unlike poly filler that doesn’t bounce back. I avoid polyester for this reason not only for my own home but also for our client’s homes. Plus when you want to freshen up your space you can just purchase some new covers and reuse the inserts time and time again, another bonus is it’s much easier to store a selection of covers only instead of insets as well.

#6 – Hang a Wreath

Our last way but certainly not least idea to freshen up your home this spring, why not hang a decorative wreath, either on your front door or in your entry.

Wreaths are becoming much more popular in Aussie homes these days.

If you love crafting why not have a go at making your very own, there are tones of ideas and how to’s on Pinterest or if that’s not your thing, purchase one that suits the decor in your home, you can find these on Etsy and other online homewares stores.

I loved hanging this wreath in my entry this year, mainly because a received it from a dear friend of mine for my birthday.

It’s most certainly a sure way to freshen up your home creating happy vibes as soon as you walk in your front door and is a good start to preparing for this years Christmas decorations just around the corner.

Speaking of Christmas each year it feels like it comes around quicker, we are currently working on styles for this year, which is not too long away. If you are looking for some Christmas decorating ideas or see our services be sure to check them out.

Until next month, Happy Decorating!

And remember together, let’s create style and beauty. 

Melanie x