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Five Design Elements 


for your Home Office makeover


Creating a stunning home office these days is more than just the fundamentals needed, it’s also about style, colour, organisation, emotional connection and function (work or personal use).

I thought it would be fitting to hear our suggestions on the five key elements to creating a designer office in your home, so here goes. 

Think about your preferred style, if you are considering creating flow from other areas of your home or if you want to create something completely out of the box. It doesn’t have to flow with the other areas of your home if you so choose, you may want to create a perky style office and be bold, add some crazy wallpaper or a brightly coloured feature wall whatever it takes to get you motivated in your space, but choosing a style is a key element. This helps give direction when selecting key furniture pieces for your space as well as styling and organisation. Remember your office space may not be an entire room, you could create a little office nook in an otherwise wasted space or off to the side in a bedroom or living area, Ikea has some really cool office ideas for small spaces and organisation so be sure to check them out. 



Selecting a style ensures you end up with a cohesive space you love.


you should be connected to your home


A Transformation


Home Office – before transformation


Home Office – after transformation

Colour is also a key element to capturing the essence of the room, as mentioned before maybe add a feature wall, wallpaper or mural. This certainly sets the mood in your space. Cool tones provide relaxed and calming environments and can either encourage or discourage your energy when in the space. I’ve decided to take the time since currently being in isolation in Sydney and we are currently redecorating our office space. I am super excited to get this completed and start designing other clients spaces when we are back at it. 

This leads me to the element function, is your space primarily for personal home use, somewhere to process living expenses, filing and maybe the kids to print off school stuff, maybe you work from home a couple of days a week as well so it has duel use, both work and personal. Maybe you run your own small business (like me) and work in the space a lot of the time. The function of the space plays a huge role when it comes to designing and decorating the perfect home office because whichever of these functions fits you best most require different outcomes, some need just the basics and others need all the mentioned elements when creating a successful work environment.

A huge consideration and we believe possibly the most important element is office organisation, gone are the days of an expandable filing system or pile of papers stuffed in a drawer – well ok I still know a few people still living like this but I must say, how is that working for you. These days we not only file important information electronically or up in the cloud but most to all home offices also having a filing draw or cabinet, there are loads of organisation ideas on YouTube and online to source inspiration from when it comes to creating a well-organised space and research shows if your space is well organised you become far less overwhelmed completing tasks and enhances your overall happiness in the space. A bonus is you don’t shudder at the thought of being asked for an important piece of documentation at a moments notice, not to mention it also helps to keep desktops clear of clutter.

It’s not just the paperwork you need to think about when it comes to office organisation you may also focus on the little things like sticky notes, pens, markers, highlighters and scissors. This will save you loads of money not having to repeatedly buy supplies because you can’t seem to find any. 

If everything has a place, there’s always a place for everything.

These are just a few elements when it comes not only to home office design but design in general, by considering these elements when creating your space you will be sure to touch on the final element emotion. Everyone is at some point even subconsciously connected to their space and the emotional connection influences you in many areas of your life. 

We hope this has given you some guidance in planning your office refurb I look forward to sharing my office refurb once completed shortly.

Always remember the most important thing is to create a space you love.

Together, let’s create style and beauty.

Happy Decorating! 

Melanie x