THREE important questions you should ask any interior decorator.

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Seeking help to create your perfect space? I believe there is someone out there for everyone even when it comes to creating your perfect space. So I thought I’d share with you Three Important Questions I think you should ask any interior decorator to see if you are the best fit when it comes to creating your perfect space.

#1 – What is your philosophy behind creating your client’s rooms?

In other words, how can you create my perfect space?

Each individual is different and most interior decorators understand they need to seek the needs and wants of the client, It isn’t just about making a space ooze beauty it’s about creating the perfect story within the space that relates to the people or person living within its walls. Each space has energy so when selecting the perfect pieces you need to understand your client’s energy and how they want to feel within the space.

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#2 – How many client’s do you work with at one time?

I feel this is an important question in relation to how your needs are being met during your time together. Most decorators know how many clients and projects they can take on at one time, hence why sometimes we may have a waiting list and you may often see our post about opening our books up to new client projects as others are winding down. This is a responsible way to do business if you want to provide your best to each and every client.

#3 – Is my investment budget realistic for what I am wanting?

It’s important to understand how much you are wanting to invest or able to financially invest in your space prior to seeking out help from an interior decorator, this helps you communicate the value you are wanting to spend upfront and assist the decorator to establish whether your desired space can be met with the value you are wanting to invest, there is no reason to spend hard-earned money or more importantly your time discussing your wants if you aren’t being realistic about the cost behind creating your desired outcome, we all know money doesn’t grow on trees – and neither does beautiful spaces!

If you want your space to feel a certain way you need to think realistically about how much that feeling is going to cost.

When discussing investment ranges with my clients, I sometimes offer the option of breaking down the project into areas, this helps relieve the pressure of needing more savings before moving forward, along with the pressure of having to have such a large amount of savings to invest for the total space since completing major renovations takes time to complete all other phases we can always work something out. I find when we start the process energy levels lift and you wonder why you didn’t start the process earlier. Which in turn opens the doors to more possibility (even financially sometimes) and there is no reason why you shouldn’t focus on one room at a time and flow into the other areas in your home as long as your end result is always in mind.

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Together, let’s create style and beauty.


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