About Stylistic Designs

Stylistic Designs is an established interior and styling business located in the Wollondilly of NSW.

Our firm provides services relating to Interior Decorating, Event Styling and Seasonal Decorating.

We can either provide advice on creating the perfect space or work together to achieve the desired result.

We also have Stylistic Interiors which is our product-based business allowing our customers to purchase online homewares pieces to create their perfect home independently with confidence knowing that each piece has been selected with purpose, genre and style in mind.

Think of us as your ‘guiding light’ creating the perfect reflection of your style.



She believes the perfectly curated pieces displayed within your home tells a story about you and your life, it connects you with your soul and brings you space to life!

Melanie Brown

Creative Director


Melanie is the founder and creative director behind Stylistic Designs based in the Wollondilly Shire of Sydney.

She has been aligned with decorating for a little under two decades, previously building an award-winning wedding decorating business, winning NSW Decorator of the Year & Designer of Dreams a national award in the Bridal Industry before venturing into the Interior Decorating, Design & Styling sector.

She believes decorating & styling tells a personal story about the person within it, and your surroundings should tell your unique story!



Her passion is to create beautifully connected spaces you can enjoy with your family and friends.

She understands not everyone has the natural ability to bring a space together but believes everyone should have the opportunity to absolutely love the space in which they live.

Melanie knows how much this influences her life, especially on an emotional level and witnesses how this spills over into all areas.

Truly loving your home, will change your life on so many levels and her wish is to help you create that for yourself!