My Why…

My passion is to create beautiful spaces bringing great energy throughout select pieces and colours which emulate my clients personality and style.

With a natural talent of instinctively knowing just the right pieces are required in a space. 

I absolutely love what I do & am so grateful to share this passion with my clients, capturing their essence within the spaces they love! 

My clients want to enjoy living in beautiful homes & I have the pleasure creating them together. 

Styling their life events is also a passion, with theming to create the best atmosphere they can enjoy with their guests, and will talk about for years to come.

My creativity and attention to detail goes into every space I collaborate on and brings joy to my heart. 

I believe in having a space you love, because its about the energy the space brings to you. 

Interior Decorator & Stylist Southern Highlands

Want to know a little more about me before I roll up to your place?

Interior Decorating Service

Here are Five Fun Facts about me & how they shaped the DECORATOR & STYLIST I am today.
(And why my clients love me.)

Ever since I can remember I have been either moving my room around and changing up my style.  

When I was a child my mum always said it was no surprise, when eventually I appeared from hours in my room creating a new look because my bed under the same boring window needed a new vantage point. 

As I got older I would have to call my hubby and tell him ‘when you get home turn the light on to see where to walk’, since I had spent the day moving our furnishing pieces into a different layout.

It’s my low-key superpower when I step into a room I can immediately see how to create beauty, balance and unity.


My previous life, I successfully built a Wedding Styling Business which I loved and am so proud of achieving. 

In 2014 we won NSW Decorator of the year & Designer of Dreams a national award in the Bridal Industry Awards only voted by previous brides it was a real honour to receive recognition all while doing what I loved.


A few of my previous roles consisted of managing multi million dollar project installations.

1. Project Manager after a short stint as the Marketing Manager in the security industry co-ordinating installation fit-outs for a well known fitness industry.

2. Leading the co-ordination team on installations for major supermarkets.

It is my understanding of time management and deadlines which helped me achieve this success. 

Although I always felt I was meant to be creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy, hence why Stylistic Designs was born.


I’ve always had a strong work ethic, in everything I’ve pursued and I’ve always worked like a maniac to learn everything, exceed expectations, and become that essential go-to person who could always step in and save the day. 

I left a trail of broken bosses hearts as I searched for the thing that would give me a real sense of fulfillment – something that deserved the energy I was willing to put in.

This is the reason why I have been able to turn my passion into a business.

I know what work is required to complete the back end of the design, and have the talent to achieve may clients desired results.

Basically, my work is everything to me – which is everything you want in someone decorating your home or event, right.


Yeah, it is and we’ll make yours amazing too.

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I would love to work with you!

Now I’ve shared a little about me and you understand I devote my time to creating the perfect outcome for each and everyone of my clients. I will always provide high level communication, guiding you through every step of any service I offer, let’s create a space you want.