Interior Decorating Services

Interior Projects


Our interior projects range from DIY advice through to full service and execution of projects as outlined below.

All interior projects require an initial consultation (fee $180.00 + (up to 2hrs onsite, may also incur an additional travel charge))

Together we will create a home or business you will love, with as little or as much help needed.


Styling Advice

DIY Execution

Providing you with guidance to achieve your style in your home, you can then execute at your own pace.

Min Design Fee $700.00 +

Styling finishes

Soft Furnishings

Working with existing major furnishings, we create your desired style with a combination of existing & new pieces.

Min Design Fee $2,000.00 +

& style

Full Service Project

The whole shebang! We collaborate on everything from design, execution and accessories. 

Min Design Fee $4,000.00 +

 Other Interior Decorating Services

Colour Consult

From $180.00 +

Designer for a Day

From $380.00 +