Interior Decorating

Interior Projects

FROM $1,499.00


Interior Projects

FROM $1,499.00

It can be difficult to recreate the true connection you want in your home, you can’t quite put your finger on the philosophy behind it. It takes energy, vision, time, money, organisation, experience, and knowledge to create that perfect space and most people lack on some key requirements needed to achieve the perfect outcome, we can help with all aspected needed to deliver your perfect space. Our Interior Projects Service offers custom & detailed direction and execution, ensuring we capture ‘your’ style while creating a perfect connection between you and your space. To us each project is unique, therefore an onsite Initial Consultation is mandatory, you will then be provided with a flat fee proposal outlining the execution to create your newly decorated and designed space. So are you ready to change your life, let’s get started!

What may be included

  • Collaboration on everything from design, execution and accessories
  • Multiple Client Meetings, plus weekly site visits throughout the renovation and execution phase
  • 3D rendering of your space
  • Purchasing and communication with trades and vendors
  • Access to a percentage of my trade discounts on purchases

What we may discuss

  • Your Lifestyle, how you live in your space in detail
  • Options for furniture placement
  • Room Functionality
  • Styles & Aesthetics
  • Major Furnishing Pieces, Paint Colours, Wall Art, Decor, Soft Furnishings

What you’ll need

  • Great Communication
  • Patience and understanding (it will take time & probably mess during the execution phase)
  • Trust and an open mind that I will achieve your desired result

Want to know all the details we cover during the Initial Consultation and the cost?

Initial consultation fee – $199.00*

What’s included

  • Up to 2 hours onsite
  • Detailed Proposal (including Design Ideas Board to ensure your desired style is achieved)
  • Presentation Meeting (online – up to 30Min)

What we discuss

  • Discuss your prerequisite design questionnaire, detailing your intended style ideas and desires, needs & wants.
  • Room Functionality
  • Styles & Aesthetics
  • Renovation & Selections
  • Paint Colour, Wall Art, Decor, Soft Furnishing selections.

What you’ll need

  • Any Images handy (e.g Pinterest Boards)
  • Any Plans or Drawings (if applicable)
  • Any samples you may have already selected prior to our meeting. (if applicable)

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