Interior Decorating


My passion is to style and create rooms people love, creating a cohesive yet functional room for my clients is paramount.

Everyone wants to love the space they call home and why should you be any different.

I understand it can seem all to much when it comes to pulling a style you love together, there are alot of elements to consider, which take time and let’s face it not everyone loves to work on the elements of the design process – they just want to enjoy the finished product.

So whether your home is a newly purchased one & you want to capture ‘your style’ or one you have been living in for some time ‘that needs a spouse up’.

Together we create style & beauty. 

styling & decorating your home

Whether we are working on a Full Service Project or Styling Finishes together, my goal is to create a practical yet beautifully decorated space.

Below are a few decorating woes my clients have shared for why they have hired me to help.

STYLING CONFIDENCE  – They know what overall styles they love, although they are not confident in selecting the decor required to achieve the result.

TIME POOR – They have very busy lives, from demanding jobs to busy mums they just don’t have time to dedicate or concentrate on what it takes to bring all elements of a room together they just want a room and a home they love.

EYE FOR STYLE – They watch endless renovating shows and still aren’t sure how to pull their style off. They want to be involved in the overall look of their homes but need help creating it.

NEED HELP MANAGING THE PROCESS – They have tried to style a room in their home and just dont feel they have captured the style or feeling they want, and aren’t sure if they have maybe missed a few steps in the process which is left them feeling deflated.

Interior Decorating & Styling Service

So if you’re overwhelmed, overworked, over-allocated and generally over it, I’m here to help, you deserve to LOVE each facet of your home.

I have an eye for design, the resources & the experience to bring your home to life in ways you’d only imagined.

Once we transform a space, I love seeing my clients glow and truly love their new space. 

Want to know more…

Book your ‘free’ discovery call and let’s get planning.

Interior Decorating Consultations are available throughout the South West Sydney, Southern Highlands & Wollondilly areas.

During your initial consultation we discuss your decorating style & tastes, gathering information needed to develop a clear understanding of the direction you want to head to create your perfect space.

We will also discuss which service best suits your needs to complete your space.

I then put together a ‘Look Book’ and analysis report based on discussions.

All prices are quoted prior to any work being completed so no nasty surprises. 

Check out our Interior Decorating Gallery and see some previous clients new spaces.

So what are you waiting for, click the Let’s Chat button below and start creating the space you have always wanted.

Interior Decorating Service

All interior decorating services commence with the initial consultation.

We discuss your space, likes & dislikes and how you want the room to feel upon completion.

Along with which of the below services best suit your needs.

Styling Advice  

Perfect for someone who is hands on but needs a little help and guidance with presentation and styling. 
This service is tailored to suit your needs, some advice ideas could include
  • Paint Colour Selection
  • Feature Wall Suggestions
  • Furniture Placement
  • Small Furniture Purchasing (Retail Shopping if needed)
  • Gallery Wall Ideas
  • De-cluttering
  • Accessory Recommendations

Styling Finishes  

Great for you if you have your big furniture items already but need help with styling finishing touches to your space.
During this service we work on positioning of items within your space and how best to utilise your treasured items which are remaining all while achieving your desired result.
Some key processes we work together on during this service include some of the following:
  • Design Development (assisting you with selecting any additional furniture pieces required)
  • Precurement (purchasing any items required to complete the decorating scope, arranging any trades which maybe required and agreed upon during the design process)
  • Implement & Style (where the magic happens)

Complete Design & Styling

Perfect for time poor clients who want to decide on selecting key pieces, sit back and watch it all unfold.

What does that mean for you?

We complete all tasks required to create a space from scratch. From implementing Paint colours, furniture required for the space thru to styling accessories to complete the room.

You can be involved as little or as much as you like during the design and implementation process or you can sit back and watch it all unfold before your very eyes.

God knows you have enough to do already in your busy schedule, I will be checking in with you weekly to discuss the project overview of your expected timeline for completion all while handling every detail on your behalf.

And trust me once we complete one room in your home you will want to start on another.

So what are you waiting for give me a call and let’s create a beautiful home together starting one space at a time.