Hamptons Modern Farmhouse

‘Behind The Design’
Firstly, I wanted to share with you a little about how this project came about.
My dearest and best friend has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and has always believed in my talent. So upon starting my interior decorating business, she mentioned she could use a little help with the styling of her master bedroom since she had decided to redecorate. Turns out, it was a little more complicated and time-consuming than she had anticipated!
We started the process of her design and then time got away – she became busy with family and other work commitments, as was I. With any new business, you can never tell where it is going to take you so the project was put on hold until she could focus on the details with me.
Then 2020 hit and we soon saw ourselves with some mandated quality time on our hands. For me, client onsite visits were out of the question so I suggested we make the most of it and revisit the project to finally create the room of her dreams!!!!
The timing turned out to be perfect for her and her husband and they were completely ready to dive in and commit to a huge transformation.
They asked “Instead of just doing the master bedroom, could we work together on all the main areas of our home as well?”.
My reply? “Absolutely, why not?”.
After discussing styles and the larger pieces they loved already in their home, we put together the concept idea of a Hamptons Modern Farmhouse inspired home.
Hamptons Modern Farmhouse _Concept Ideas
We discussed suggestions I had in relation to the layout design of the overall spaces. I proposed filling in the Office wall on the Living Room side and punching it out into the Hallway. This would allow greater placement options in the Living Room and allow the entire room to be available while also providing privacy to the Office space. This also ultimately opened up the Hallway, giving it a spacious feeling.
Together, they liked the idea of light & airy as well as fresh with a little touch of modern country.

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Hamptons Modern Farmhouse Flatlay
During our Style Session, we discussed how they wanted to feel in the space, as well as the walls and trim finishes they had in mind. They told me they wanted a neutral palette that they could reinvent with pops of colour, should they want to change the spaces up from time to time. These tones also would blend naturally with the major investment pieces of furniture they already owned.
The Living Room already had a previously painted exposed brick wall which complimented the Modern Farmhouse style perfectly so I recommended painting this the same finish as the other walls. This made it a feature in the room but also blended it in with the entire space nicely.
I advised on bright white trims and doors throughout and a greige tone for the all common area walls. This colour throws beige and grey, depending on what is placed with it.
Wall Colour Focus
We created a sitting area specifically to chill, chat or read a book. Since completion, their son has even adopted the stylish space to practice his guitar. We flanked the wall with some favourite images capturing treasured moments the family have shared over the years.
Sitting Room
(We all should display our fondest memories collectively on one wall)
To add a little point of difference in the Master Bedroom, we painted the focus wall a light shade of blue to spice it up a bit.
Master Bedroom
During the Design Concept Phase and Style Session, Angela raised that she had some personal pieces from her beloved Oma & Upa that had been passed down to her which captured her Dutch heritage. She asked whether I was able to blend this into the decorating and design somehow. I love including elements of a client’s heritage within the design of their home – it personalises the service that little bit more and makes it even more special to the families who live there.
During the Design Development Phase, I asked Angela to collect the pieces so we could decide how we could display them through-out their home to create the perfect blend of both Farmhouse elements along with her Dutch heritage.
Angela was not the only one who was overjoyed with the way the treasured pieces were displayed and scattered them throughout each room. When she invited her extended family to her home to see the finished product, they were touched with the inclusions. Some remarked that looking at them evoked a special feeling inside them, reminding them of their shared history and beloved family members.
Hamptons Modern Farmhouse Entry
Modern Farmhouse Holland Plates
Hamptons Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table Styling
Hamptons Modern Farmhouse Buffet Styling
The change to this home is truly astonishing. I am so grateful to have been able to offer my expertise and to create such a beautiful home they are sure to love for many years to come.
We completed The Entry, Living Room, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Home Office and Master Bedroom.
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Together, let’s create style and beauty.

Melanie x