Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed just a few questions our clients ask during our Home Staging Services and our Interior Styling Projects.

General Questions

How do you communicate?

I am a big believer in there is never too much communication with your customer, communication is the key in any project management process, (whether it be one room or an entire house) therefore I will always be in contact with you throughout our journey. I also provide a process which is split into Phases regarding your project to assist with my clients knowing exactly where we are up to during our design, this is provided multiple times during our communication process and also used as email headers so you understand what process we are up to. The amount of Phases depends on the service we are offering.

How do you charge?

Every space is different although keeping this in mind I have worked an approximate timeframe for most of my packages to avoid money spent which is not required, I prefer to charge in package costings, (although sometimes additional charges may occur, e.g Additional amendments to designs outside package scope, additional travel etc)

Home Staging / Styling Questions

Why should I hire a Home Staging Company?

When it comes to selling your home, it is a whole different ballpark to living in your property, you need to capture the best assets of your home and create an inviting ambience to future buyers to capture a feeling of wanting to make the home there’s.

To achieve this you approximately 15 seconds (I know it sounds crazy) but buyers will form an opinion within this short time – You only have one chance to create that first impression.

How can you help me get my home ready for sale?

We offer a range of services to assist our clients in different ways such as:

We can help with general tips and checklists which will help you get started as well as some styling ideas we recommend that could help with listing your property. (Consultation Only Service)

We can come into your home and assist with styling your existing furniture and accessories, with decluttering and strategically placing items where may be best for the perfect presentation. (In-House Styling Service)

We also provide partial staging/styling helping our clients who may have some really great pieces which help lift the homes best assets but need alittle help with finishing touches of staging/staging (Partial Staging Service)

Our final service we can assist with either home which is currently empty, maybe your home was an investment and you have now decided to place it on the market and no longer have tenants, or maybe you have purchased a new home and have already settled and moved and you are now ready to sell your previous home, we can provide full furniture & finishing touches hire. (Complete Staging Service)

Interior Decorating Questions

Is decorating a good overall investment?

Absolutely, you live in your home, you should be proud of it, and want that feeling of joy and want to share your space with everyone, this is also unbelievable for your positivity and mindset. All while bringing increased value to your home ! (an added bonus)

Why should I use an Interior Decorator? 

You don’t have to use an interior decorator to create a beautiful space in your home, some reasons why people feel the need to work with a decorator are:

(1) Sometimes people feel overwhelmed when it comes to bringing an idea or concept into fruition. I work with you to develop ‘the look’ you are wanting to create for your home.

(2) Some clients are time poor or are unable to find the inspiration to implement the ideas they have in their vision so I can assist with completing the space, they can then enjoy the completed space, usually in a lot less time than anticipated if they were to DIY.

Where do we start, when it comes to hiring an Interior Decorator?

First, we provide an initial consultation, during the conversation we discuss what you would like to achieve for your space, budget, timeframe, and the service which best suits your needs, this also helps us understand your expectations, this is when you can ask any initial questions regarding our services. We will discuss during this time how you would like to move forward and we then gather the information required to proceed with this service.

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What happens during our initial consultation?

During our initial consultation, we establish which one of our services best fits your styling needs and create a better connection and sense of the space we are transforming, also to see if we are comfortable with each other to achieve the same outcome. You’ll take me on a tour of your home, so I can get a good sense of your style, this is when we will discuss in length your needs, vision for your space, timeframe, any challenges and expectations, although to provide a steady moving transformation it is best for you to have a sense of what your main goal and outcome is, if you are unsure of what you like it makes it hard to create a vision.

What is your style?

Personally, I love French Provincial / Hamptons / Country, lots of neutral wall colouring with a hint of colour throughout finishing touches. I feel this is a timeless style and can be changed up easily with accessories.

My goal is to work with my clients to help understand their style and bring their style into the home they’ll love. & I would love to work with any room in your home.

Will you work within a Budget?

Yes, I will try my best to work within a budget provided by my client, although we will discuss if this budget is achievable during our consultation meeting, sometimes I may suggest a different service should we have an issue reaching the desired outcome on a budget which may be unrealistic. I will endeavour to work within your budget and your space in order to meet your desired outcome.

Can I use some of my existing furniture?

For sure, many clients have pieces they LOVE and have invested an amount of money into already, so usually, in this case, we would try our best to work around the initial pieces, creating a finished space which compliments them. In saying this if you are trying to achieve a certain style and the piece you want to keep won’t reach that outcome, I will discuss if the piece can be utilised in an alternate place within the home.

What do I do next?

Easy, complete the form on any relevant page of my site, this will start the ball rolling with a ‘Free’ Consultation, together we will create a home you’ll love.