Below are just a few common questions clients have asked regarding our services.

General Questions

How do you communicate throughout your service?

I am a big believer in there is never too much communication with client’s, communication is the key in any project management process, (whether it be one room or an entire house) therefore I will always be in contact with you throughout your journey. I also provide a process which is split into Phases regarding your project to assist you, so you know exactly where we are up to during your design, this is provided multiple times during our communication process and also used as email headers so you understand what process we are up to. The amount of Phases depends on the service we are offering.

How do you charge?

Every space is different so I always quote on an hourly basis providing an approximate amount of hours, I update you on how many hours have been used prior to every onsite meeting. You only pay for hours provided and pay per phase.


Interior Decorating Questions

Is decorating a good overall investment?

Absolutely, you live in your home, you should be proud of it.

Feeling joy, calmness, the energy you feel when in your space is well worth the investment to provide positivity and mindfulness.

All while bringing increased value to your home ! (an added bonus)

When should I use an Interior Decorator? 

When you are wanting your personal space to emulate a reflection of your soul along with creating a positive mood. But you are finding it hard to complete the space.

You like a few different styles and would like to use multiple pieces but are not confident with them looking cohesive.

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed when it comes to bringing an idea or concept into fruition. I work with you to develop ‘the look’ you are wanting to create for your home.

Some clients are time poor.

Some clients are unable to find the inspiration to implement their vision, I can assist with completing the space, they then can enjoy the completed space, usually in a lot less time than anticipated if they were to DIY.

Where do we start, when it comes to hiring an Interior Decorator?

After our ‘free’ discovery call to discuss your initial questions an Initial Consultation is required, during the conversation we discuss what you would like to achieve for your space, budget, timeframe, and the service which best suits your needs.

Also helps us understand your expectations, this is when you can ask any initial questions regarding our services.

We will discuss during this time how you would like to move forward and we then gather the information required to proceed with this perfect service.

Book a ‘Free’ discovery call 

What do we cover during our initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, we establish which one of our services best fits your styling needs, gather a sense of the space we are transforming, also to see if we are comfortable with each other to achieve the same outcome.

We will look at the space/s you are wanting to work together on so I can get a good sense of your style, we will discuss your style and vision for your space swell as your likes & dislikes.

What is your favourite style?

I love French Provincial / Hamptons / Country, lots of neutral wall colouring with pops of colour throughout finishing touches. I feel this is a timeless style and can be changed up inexpensively & easily with accessories.

My goal is to understand my clients style and bring their style to their space.

Do you work within a Budget?

Yes, I try my best to work within a budget provided by my client, although we will discuss if this budget is achievable during our intital consultation meeting, sometimes I may suggest a different service should we have an issue reaching the desired outcome on a budget which may be unrealistic. I will endeavour to work within your budget and your space in order to meet your desired outcome.

Can I use some of my existing furniture?

For sure, most times many clients have pieces they LOVE and want to use in the newly styled space, we would try our best to work around the initial pieces, creating a finished space which compliments them.

In saying this if you are trying to achieve a certain style and the piece you want to keep won’t reach that outcome, I will discuss if the piece can be utilised in an alternate place within the home.