Event Styling


When big events come along throughout life they should be celebrated.

They can also leave you feeling overwhelmed, sometimes you can get stuck on the details.

Who doesn’t love a great event and celebrating with friends & family – but hosting a celebration, that’s another kettle of fish.

Don’t be stressed planning your next important celebration – we can help with our event styling service. 

We can help you with all the details, together we will create an awesome event you & your guests will be raving about for years to come.

Whether your celebrating your Childs 1st Birthday, an important Anniversary, 18th, 21st or end of year work function.

Together we help you plan out all the stages so you can enjoy the process without feeling overwhelmed. 

Other Event Styling Services we offer:

 Product Launches, Product Styling, Visual Merchandising, End of Year Christmas Celebrations & Milestone Work Anniversaries.

Whatever the event, we have a plan of action along with a creative mind & will create a moment to remember! 

Event Styling | Southern Highlands

‘We love helping our clients create events they can enjoy, they are left feeling like they captured the essence of the celebration in every detail.’ 

to us the details always matter

Below are a few event coordinating woes our clients have shared for why they hire us.

STYLING CONFIDENCE  – They know what theme they want to decorate, but they are not confident in selecting the decor required to achieve the result.

TIME POOR – They have very busy lives, from demanding jobs aswell as busy mums they just don’t have time to work out all the details but they want it to be perfect, thats how we help.

EYE FOR STYLE – They’ve spent endless hours trawling over Pinterest and need help creating the gorgeous photos they have found. 

NEED HELP MANAGING THE PROCESS – They have celebrated & hosted a few occasions in their time but always feel overwhelmed or just run out of time so rush the styling phase leaving them feeling disappointed that they could have done more. 

I help plan out what’s required including a detailed timeline to guide you through the process.

Event Styling | Wollondilly

So if you’re overwhelmed, overworked, over-allocated and generally over it, 

I’m here to help. 

You deserve to ENJOY your celebration, not be stressed about its arrival.

Want to know more?

Book you ‘free’ discovery call. (Click the let’s chat button below to book)

We will discuss what ideas you have for the celebration and concerns or help you need my help with

Major details along with an action plan are left for your initial consultation.

At which time you can choose a service which best accommodates you.

Including options for you commence planning yourself (with confidence) or together we will can conquer your quest to host the best event possible.

Prices are always quoted prior to any commitment by you – so no nasty surprises. 

Check out our Event Styling Gallery for some images of previous Event Styling Clients.

We service all area within South West Sydney, Southern Highlands & Wollondilly areas. 


Event Styling | 18th Celebrations | Picton