Woodlands Inspired Nursery | March 2021
‘Behind the Design’

This space was not only enjoyable to create from the design to implementation it was also exciting to create it for my nephew to enjoy hopefully for years to come.

Finding out our extended family was growing was let me say   READ MORE >

Three Important Questions You should ask any Interior Decorator. | February 2021
‘Interior Decorating’

Seeking some help to create your perfect space? I believe there is someone out there for everyone even when it comes to creating your perfect space. So I thought I’d share with you   READ MORE >

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Project |  January 2021 
‘Behind The Design’ 

Selecting the perfect kitchen finishes for my clients is something I get complete joy from. I understand making the perfect choices when there are many options can sometimes paralyse you in the process. This is why extensive research goes into each…   READ MORE >

Creating the Perfect Christmas Tree |  November 2020 
‘Seasonal Decorating’ 

When it comes to decorating in our home for Christmas, it has always been pretty much left to me. That’s probably what I get for having an only child and a boy at that.

When he was little, he was interested in helping put it all together but as he got older, it was more about what was going to be under it on Christmas morning then what colour or theme we were going to create that year…              READ MORE >

Hamptons Modern Farmhouse Project |  September 2020 
‘Behind The Design’ 

Firstly, I wanted to share with you a little about how this project came about.  My dearest and best friend has always encouraged me to follow my dreams…              READ MORE >


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I’m Melanie, the Creative behind Stylistic Designs, I’m your Interior Decorator & Stylist.  My passion is to capture your vision and create your perfect space.  Together we create style and beauty!


Coastal Hamptons Bedroom Project | July 2020
‘Behind The Design’

During the initial consultation meeting, my client (AKA my sister-in-law!) discussed how she wanted to love the space she spends the majority of her time in, while at home…  READ MORE >