Coastal Hamptons Project

‘Behind The Design’
During the initial consultation meeting my client (AKA my sister-in-law!) discussed how she wanted to love the space she spends the majority of her time in while at home. 
We discussed how loving your surroundings and creating the style of room you love inspires you to set intentions, kick life goals and want to achieve the big dream: for Nicole, it is striving to some day in the near future step out on her own and create a beautiful home, just for her. 
We discussed the colours, styles and pieces of furniture she loved and pretty quickly realised that Coastal Hamptons is her loved style. So I got to work finding pieces that would fit the brief of her expectations. 
I always ask my clients to describe in three words how they want to feel when in their space: hers were ‘Peaceful, Happy, Positive’.
Coastal Hamptons Flat Lay

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During our style session, we discussed neutral grey toned walls but I really wanted to her to feel inspired and peaceful within the space since the area is not very spacious. I advised that a colour on the walls would bring alive the emotions we discussed with hints of that same colour to be included within our selections for soft furnishings (pillows, vases, frames ect.). She was open to the suggestion so together, we found the perfect green hue that resembled the three key descriptive words.
Coastal Hamptons Wall Colour
We discussed how she enjoys to travel and that it is something that makes her happy when she looks back over her experiences. So we decided to create a travel gallery wall as her main feature wall within the room, showcasing the beautiful countries and places she has spent time in.
(Images of places visited and taken while traveling)
We also discussed how much organisation plays a role in feeling positive. When you have a well organised space, you feel much happier planning your work days and looking forward to weekends with family & friends. During initial design and investment discussions, she had initially decided to reorganise her existing closet and only refurbish the external doors. 
However, once we made our way through the design deep dive phase, she changed her mind and decided her built-in wardrobe needed to be replaced as well, helping her utilise her space more effectively while also allowing her to change out her doors with a luxurious panelled mirror finish, which completes the room beautifully. 
We discussed what other hobbies she liked to do during her down time, which include reading and bingeing Netflix. So it was a no brainer that her TV (which was previously mounted on her travel wall) needed to stay, so we incorporated it into her wardrobe design along with adding some Hamptons-inspired shelving beside her window to display her collection of books with hints of coastal styling.
Coastal Hamptons Wardrobe TV
Coastal Hamptons Shelves
To say she is over the moon with how this transformation turned out would be an understatement. For the before and after transformation shots, click here.
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